In 1873, two shoemakers opened a shop to make “Tabi shoes,” a traditional Japanese minimalist moccasin or sock-shoe that allows feet to flex and maintain tactile contact with the ground. They named their company Tsukihoshi. Over 140 years later, Tsukihoshi still specializes in made-for-play children’s shoes that allow freedom to move and grow and breathe. Tsukihoshi makes all its shoes with extra toe-box width so that toes can splay, stretch, and wiggle, boosting children’s sense of balance and contributing to healthy arch development and bone alignment as they grow. Trust the name brand that stands for healthy kids with healthy feet. The Tsukihoshi RAINBOW Youth Sneaker is a little kids’ and big kids’ shoe designed for everything from casual wear to hard athletic play. This adorable sneaker is available in several glamorous, fabulous, multi-colored rainbow palettes, including navy and fuchsia, rose and mint, black and mint, and silver and lavender. Great for children young or old at all levels of activity and athleticism, this youth tennis shoe features a non-slip, non-marking outsole. It provides both outdoor traction for running at the playground and indoor traction that won’t scuff your home’s hardwood floors or your gym’s basketball court. The RAINBOW kids’ shoe is easy to put on or take off thanks to its convenient rear finger loop and a hook-and-loop strap closure that provides a nice, snug fit. Combining fashion and function, its vivid colors are designed to survive cold-water machine washing so that your boy or girl can play in the dirt. A durable abrasion-resistant upper holds up to hard use. An all-natural green tea insole keeps odors in check without harsh chemicals. Remove insole before washing and allow to air dry. The Tsukihoshi RAINBOW Youth Sneaker is a play-hard shoe designed for little kids and big kids aged 4-12.

Machine Washable – Machine wash COLD; remove insole and AIR dry (NO dryer use)
Easy On and Off – Convenient single-strap “hook and loop” closure with elastic faux-laces offers simple, snug fit sole
Barefoot Comfort – Extra wide toe box allows natural splaying of toes for better balance, comfort, and foot health
Ultra-lightweight outsole – Flexible, abrasion-resistant, shock-absorbing, slip-resistant, non-marking EVA/TPR outsole provides lightweight grip and comfort for your child’s foot
Pedorthist Friendly – With its removable insole, long counters, and child-specific patterns, Tsukihoshi has become a favorite for Pedorthists looking to make modifications to accommodate customized orthotics and/or AFOs
Insole – Infused with natural Green Tea extract (no chemicals).
Heel Stabilizer – Long heel counter provides stability
Arch Support – Shoe last and insole provide proper arch support for growing kids
Breathable, latex-free textile lining and cushioned foot-bed keep the foot cool and comfortable
Ideal for school, gym, running, walking, playing, hiking, trekking, riding, outdoor, climbing, and casual wear


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